Architectural, Building & Construction

CSGtech has industry knowledge with extensive product, technology and project involvement in glass, metals, heat, wind, stress, vibration and sealing applications and issues. We supply standards-complaint, weather and chemical-resistant and traceable quality materials conforming with aesthetic and measurable performance criteria.

Case Study

Architectural, Building & Construction

The Challenge: A leading national supplier of glass and aluminium façades required anti-vibration mounts for a major project. The challenge was to urgently supply a custom part within a short time frame that fitted their design concept and additionally provided excellent weather resistance. Understanding the Issue: As the façade for



Machining and Stamping

Machining and stamping, including fasteners and custom work Supplying a wide range of engineering grade metals, alloys and finishes.

Rubber to metal bonding

CSGtech provides specialised machined or cast metal parts, which can be bonded with any elastomer from our range of rubber materials to suit different applications

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