CSGtech helps blend tapware aesthetics with watertight performance

Sometimes the challenge of balancing elegant architectural aesthetics with functional excellence can come down to getting small details right. This was the case recently, when engineering problem solvers CSGtech partnered with a quality tapware and plumbing company to custom-engineer one of its high performance solutions to sometimes complex problems where interfacing components must achieve durability, …

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Smart thinking seals out moisture for safety and savings in handling fuels

Water contamination is one of the chief enemies of liquid-fuelled machinery, as well as the surface and underground storage facilities, mobile tanker and dispensing equipment supplying petrol, diesel and aviation fuels. All such fuels contain some water in suspension, but if the percentage of water exceeds a certain level, it can damage engines and cause …

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Customised Solutions

The Challenge: A client presented CSGtech with an innovative modular wall panelling system that required a custom extruded seal strip. The seal would be exposed to the elements and also needed to be fire resistant. The final product was also a visible feature of the wall system requiring a quality finish. Understanding the Issue:   …

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Medical & Scientific

The Challenge: A client that specialised in the manufacture of therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment presented CSGtech with an elastomer anti-vibration ring that was failing after a short service life. Understanding the Issue: CSGtech determined the current material’s mechanical properties were not matched to the dynamic application. The customer’s material selection was over-designed to meet a …

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Food & Beverage

The Challenge: An international supplier of beverage dispensing equipment presented CSGtech with a manufacturing issue with their Iso-Poly (expanding epoxy resin) dispensing manifold. The pistons of the manifold, where the two chemicals being dispensed, were constantly leaking past the generic O-ring seals whilst being pumped. This resulted in daily breakdown maintenance of the machine. Understanding …

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Architectural, Building & Construction

The Challenge: A leading national supplier of glass and aluminium façades required anti-vibration mounts for a major project. The challenge was to urgently supply a custom part within a short time frame that fitted their design concept and additionally provided excellent weather resistance. Understanding the Issue: As the façade for the major building project was …

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