Customised Solutions

The Challenge:

A client presented CSGtech with an innovative modular wall panelling system that required a custom extruded seal strip. The seal would be exposed to the elements and also needed to be fire resistant. The final product was also a visible feature of the wall system requiring a quality finish.

Understanding the Issue:  

As the design of the panel interface was new, there were no existing sealing profiles to reference. Understanding how the panels would be assembled and how temperature affected the sealing gap was critical. How the product was to be installed was also vital to formulating a final product.

The Solution:

Working from a basic design, CSGtech provided guidance toward a final production extrusion profile. Before the final profile was determined, multiple prototypes were manufactured and tested. The final compound that CSGtech used was a special EPDM formulation with an enhanced fire resistance.

The Results:

CSGtech was able to deliver a product that fulfilled our client’s specification for a sealing solution that was weather resistant, fire resistant, installer friendly and with an aesthetic that complemented the final panel assembly.

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