Food & Beverage

CSGtech undertakes local and export initiatives for food, beverage and agribusiness. We are involved in mixing, processing, reticulation, automation, materials handling, storage, production and processing applications. We engineer and deliver to top world Standards of hygiene, durability, reliability, traceability, cost-efficiency and safety.

Case Study

Food & Beverage

The Challenge: An international supplier of beverage dispensing equipment presented CSGtech with a manufacturing issue with their Iso-Poly (expanding epoxy resin) dispensing manifold. The pistons of the manifold, where the two chemicals being dispensed, were constantly leaking past the generic O-ring seals whilst being pumped. This resulted in daily breakdown



Machining and Stamping

Machining and stamping, including fasteners and custom work Supplying a wide range of engineering grade metals, alloys and finishes.

Rubber to metal bonding

CSGtech provides specialised machined or cast metal parts, which can be bonded with any elastomer from our range of rubber materials to suit different applications