Food & Beverage

The Challenge:

An international supplier of beverage dispensing equipment presented CSGtech with a manufacturing issue with their Iso-Poly (expanding epoxy resin) dispensing manifold. The pistons of the manifold, where the two chemicals being dispensed, were constantly leaking past the generic O-ring seals whilst being pumped. This resulted in daily breakdown maintenance of the machine.

Understanding the Issue:

We identified the root cause of the problem. The piston assemblies were inadequately sealed allowing the viscous material to bleed past the seal under pressure. A combination of 3 PU seals was required for this application in place of the current design.

The Solution:

CSGtech guided the client to redesign the piston that utilized a combination of two PU seals and a PU scraper configuration.

The Results:

Once the design was implemented, the leaking issue was resolved, and maintenance was only required monthly. Maintenance costs and production losses from machine’s downtime were greatly reduced.