Medical & Scientific

CSGtech has a demonstrated awareness of scientific, medical and health care requirements including laboratory, processing, medical facility, surgical, therapeutic and health care. We supply standards and safety-compliant solutions evolved in partnership with industry leaders and technical service providers involved in processes and  problem-solving.

Case Study

Medical & Scientific

The Challenge: A client that specialised in the manufacture of therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment presented CSGtech with an elastomer anti-vibration ring that was failing after a short service life. Understanding the Issue: CSGtech determined the current material’s mechanical properties were not matched to the dynamic application. The customer’s material selection



Machining and Stamping

Machining and stamping, including fasteners and custom work Supplying a wide range of engineering grade metals, alloys and finishes.

Rubber to metal bonding

CSGtech provides specialised machined or cast metal parts, which can be bonded with any elastomer from our range of rubber materials to suit different applications

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