Mining, Energy & Petroleum

The Challenge:  

CSGtech was approached by a global manufacturer of fuel handling equipment to help upgrade a metal/rubber valve.

Understanding the Issue:

The current design had been in service for many years, and consisted of a sand casted metal component had an inferior surface finish. Along with the surface finish, the dark brown bonded-elastomer no longer matched the premium aesthetic expected. The final valve also required sub-assembly of other components for the finished part.

The Solution:

CSGtech presented the customer with a die-cast final product with a greatly improved surface finish. The elastomer seal colour was also revised to a customised vibrant colour, which added to the premium look of the component. The casting design was also functionally improved for increased adherence of the bonded seal to the casting.

The Results:

Along with the greatly improving the form and finish of the product, CSGtech was also able to offer a complete sub-assembly, which contributed to the customer’s handling and production efficiencies. The design has now expanded to offer new seal materials that cope with harsher chemical and thermal extremes.

Mining, Energy & Petroleum

CSGtech has national experience in areas vital to producers, processors and suppliers, including safe and efficient handling of fuels, hazardous substances, minerals and liquids. We work with FRAS applications, surface and underground projects, valve, reticulation, process solutions.  Our products are local and global standards-compliant with traceable quality solutions.

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