Architectural, building & construction

CSGtech’s bright idea optimises architectural light housing seal

Modern lighting designs, in residential, commercial and industrial applications, require a blend of architectural elegance and durable performance. One often overlooked element of a light’s aesthetics, is the sealing materials

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

The Challenge: A client presented CSGtech with an innovative modular wall panelling system that required a custom extruded seal strip. The seal would be exposed to the elements and also

Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

The Challenge: A client that manufactures and supplies products to defence industries presented CSGtech with an Epoxy Glass Fabric bush that was delaminating in service. Understanding the Issue: The current

Medical & Scientific

Medical & Scientific

The Challenge: A client that specialised in the manufacture of therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment presented CSGtech with an elastomer anti-vibration ring that was failing after a short service life. Understanding

Food & beverage

Food & Beverage

The Challenge: An international supplier of beverage dispensing equipment presented CSGtech with a manufacturing issue with their Iso-Poly (expanding epoxy resin) dispensing manifold. The pistons of the manifold, where the

Mining, energy & petroleum

Mining, Energy & Petroleum

The Challenge:   CSGtech was approached by a global manufacturer of fuel handling equipment to help upgrade a metal/rubber valve. Understanding the Issue: The current design had been in service

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